Valerie Gotts

4 months ago

Dr. Agha isn't just a plastic surgeon; He's a sculptor with the eye of an artist and the ability to create beauty in human form. I'm so blessed to have researched and found Dr. Agha. I look better at 46 than I've ever looked in my life!

I've always been overweight. It reached the point where I needed to loose over 200 pounds. I worked for 5 years to get the weight off. It should have been a triumph when it happened - but I was just a ball of saggy skin. It was sad and depressing! I began researching full body lifts. Seriously, you should look for yourself... There are a lot of "plastic surgery mills" where everyone gets the same procedures with mediocre outcomes, and then there is Dr. Agha. He's an innovator in the area of full body contouring. He looks at each of his patients as an individual and comes up with a plan to transform each body into his masterpiece. He cares about results. He wants his patients to feel whole and beautiful! I'm here to testify to the fact that he delivers beyond your wildest dreams! I now have an hourglass shape, beautifully formed arms and legs, and the neck and face of a much younger me. I wish I could post my before and after pictures. I owe Dr. Agha for giving me the opportunity to feel fabulous and proud of my body for the first time in my life.

Dr. Agha has also managed to surround himself with a staff who treats patients like family. I'm encouraged every time I walk into the office. Shireen, Danielle, and the whole office staff are always ready to greet me, administer TLC, and applaud my success. I know they care about me as a person. It's a healing environment.

I do have one recommendation. Hire Kimberly Hansen as a caregiver after your surgery. Dr. Agha's office has her information readily available. She will come home with you if need be, check in with you, answer questions, care about you, follow up with you, and become your lifelong friend. I consider her an to be my angel of healing. I couldn't have done it without her.

Dr. Agha and his team are exceptional. I truly love him and every person who touched my life and helped make my dream a reality. Good luck to all of you who are on your own journey to being the best you can be. It can happen with help from God and the right people! God bless!!

* Individual Results May Vary