1 Jun 2013

A Happier Me!!

Dr. Agha is a true artist. His techniques are superb. His before & after pictures prove it. I've had a high definition lower body in 8/2012 & a breast lift with fat transfer along with revision of lower lift d/t my skin sagging again & wound healing April & I can not be happier. He truly cares for his patients & wants to achieve the best possible results, he'll give you nutritional & supplemental advise to follow to help with healing. The protein supplement works. It helped me. Dr. Agha was the only PS that i met with that would use my own tissue to give me a buttocks. I didn't want to have an implant there. I've heard too many complaints about them. This was very important to me. His staff are great, if I had any questions or concerns they always there to help. I am ecstatic with my results so & my husband is too. I can't say enough. Thank you! Thank you!

* Individual Results May Vary