April 9, 2012

I lost 240 pounds. No amount of running, squats, lunges, chest presses and upper body workouts could remove the extra skin that has stayed despite my lifestyle change. There is simply no way you can lose that much weight and not have excess skin. It took me about 3 years to drop it and i've settled into my body. Even began to love it despite the saggy breasts and flappy arms. Being a 28 year old single woman, I will admit the arms and breasts bothered me the most. I have always loved strapless dresses and low cut tops. I didn't wear them because i'm very aware of my body and I don't want to be a girl wearing things that are 3 sizes too small in complete size denial. I was comfortable at a size 14 on bottom and a 12 on top or large. I couldn't wear shirts with sleeves unless they were too big on my stomach. I needed an XL to fit my arms but i could rock a L and even a M in more brands than i thought possible.

I am writing this review 9 days post op for an upper body lift from Dr. Agha. He did my arms, breast, back and a reverse tummy tuck. He used the extra fat from my arms and back to build up my breasts. The pain was sooo much less than i thought! Yes, it hurts, but it's controlled well with meds. After about a week you can barely believe you just had surgery. I have never felt this beautiful in my skin. My arms are totally proportionate to my forearms, my breasts are PERKY and seriously awesome and my back..... I can't get over the sexy smooth curve of it. There is not one roll. Nothing, Just a sexy, well defined back. I can't wait to see my body after everything settles in a few months. In less than 7 hours Dr. Agha gave me a new body that I love and can't wait to spend the rest of my life enjoying. It's going to be weird to not have armpits but think of all the money i will save on deodorant and not shaving them anymore lol. If you have been thinking about removing extra skin, do your homework. You will see why he is the best. He gives you curves and really knows how to shape a woman.

I guess i had hollow armpits so he actually placed fat in my armpits to give me a normal appearance. Who would have thought of that? He looks for the best possible outcome and he delivers. Look through his gallery and you will see why he is the best for people who have lost extreme amounts of weight. You don't just get sliced and stitched up tightly to look as thin as possible. He shapes you and takes into account all of the pieces aesthetically. I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat and doubt I could ever thank his staff enough for being so kind, compassionate and wonderful throughout this whole experience.

I should also point out how kind Dr. Agha is, he is very humble and knows his stuff. He doesn't sugar coat things and he makes sure you understand everything fully. I work in a hospital and it's very common to see arrogant surgeons and poor bedside manner. Dr. Agha is the best you could hope for. He will exceed your expectations, even if they are high. He certainly did mine 🙂 

* Individual Results May Vary