Jan. 24, 2008

After losing 145 pounds following gastric bypass surgery I was left with folds of sagging skin. After doing months of research online I decided to have Dr. Agha of the Hurwitz Center do my surgery. I travelled 800 miles from Alabama to Pittsburgh to have Dr. Agha do a total body lift, face and neck lift in two separate operations. Dr. Agha and his staff are wonderful in helping with all arrangements for out of town patients - travel to and from airport, discounted hotel stays, etc. Either the Doctor or a nurse comes by frequently to see exactly how you are doing during your stay. While I could have found a doctor much closer to where I live do the cosmetic procedures, I truly do not believe I would have had the results that I have with Dr. Agha. He is truly passionate about his work and he really wants you to look like a masterpiece. I believe if you look at pictures of his work you too will agree that he is one of the best plastic surgeons. I believe as gastric bypass patients our needs are so much different from someone just wanting a little liposuction or a tummy tuck. You want a surgeon who has dealt with the major issues that we have following such massive weight loss. Dr. Agha can address all of your concerns and you too will be as pleased as I am with his work. His staff and especially his assistant Shayna are wonderful in answering all questions, emails and telephone calls promptly and efficiently. I am very satisfied that all of my months of researching to find the best plastic surgeon for my needs led me to Dr. Agha and the Hurwitz Center. Do your own research and I believe you will wind up the same place I did - Pittsburgh with Dr. Agha!!!

* Individual Results May Vary