11 Mar 2014

44 Yr Old - Body, Butt, Thigh, Boob, and Arm Lift - 2 Different Surgeries

Dr. Agha is a true artist. After losing 200 lbs, my naked body resembled a sharpei. I was happy about losing the weight, but not so thrilled with all of the loose skin. So I decided to undergo PS to have it removed. I met with three different surgeons in the greater la/oc area, and decided on Dr. Agha. He wasn't the cheapest choice, but he had by far the most experience with people who have lost a lot of weight. I had a vertical thigh lift, arm lift, and boob lift in August. In November I had the upper thigh lift, butt lift, lbl with lipo and some fat relocated to my breasts. Dr. Agha and his staff were there fully through my recovery process. They answered my questions, via email the phone, and Dr. Agha even called me himself a couple of times to check on me. They make you feel like part of their family. I've very happy with the results, and looking back I can't imagine that saggy person was me.

* Individual Results May Vary