Ms Shell

Feb. 5, 2010

I started researching my PS about a month before my WLS in October 2007. After SEVERAL seminars I met Dr. Agha at an OH conference in October 2008 and just felt a FIT. More then anything I didn't want to look like a boy after all the weight loss. I have seen others who end up with a boxy shape and that's just NOT what I wanted. I LOVE my curves and my bodacious bootay and after talking to this man (who appreciates the curves on a woman) I just knew he was a man after my own heart. His approach is truly about body CONTOURING not just removing excess skin. 

Even after our first meeting I continued to “shop around” just making sure I made the RIGHT decision for me and my body and my vision. Well after several MORE seminars and consultations I was back at Dr. Agha getting yet ANOTHER consultation and you better believe I was STILL sold on his quality of work. 

In October 2009 I had a lower body lift, butt augmentation, upper body lift and breast lift. Not only did I end up (THIS round) with the body I wanted, but when I woke up from the anesthesiology I had NO residual effects, which was a blessing with my previous surgery history. 

I can't say enough about this ARTIST and his staff. He is truly the Picasso of reconstructive surgery! Thank you Dr. Agha for your professionalism and EYE for my feminine perfection!!

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