Missoula Girl

I spent a lot of time researching surgeons for my procedures. My research paid off, as I found Dr. Agha and his wonderful staff. Dr. Agha's experience and expertise with complex surgery after weight loss was what made me choose him for my procedures.

I had lost 90 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery in August 2013. My weight loss resulted in loose and sagging skin. In November 2014 Dr. Agha performed a lower body lift, breast lift and implants, arm lift, and anterior thigh liposuction. All of these procedures were completed in one operation, as I am from out of town and needed to get as many procedures done at once.

My preoperative care was great. Dr. Agha consulted with me several times by phone and reviewed my photos to help me understand what procedures would be the most beneficial for me. He met with me in person twice before my surgery, once I arrived in California, to answer all my questions and address my concerns.

My surgery went very well with no complications and my postoperative care was impeccable. The staff at the center helped me find a nurse and home health care aide to provide care while recovering at the apartment I had rented. Kimberly, my home health care aide, was particularly helpful with tips and tricks to aid in recovery. Shireen, Danielle, and Whitney (Dr. Agha's staff) have been fabulous. I do not have the words to describe how incredibly helpful and supportive they have been with my recovery. They promptly answer all my questions and continue to make themselves available for support.

My surgery results have exceeded my expectations. My stomach is flat, my butt and outer thighs are smooth, my arms are toned, and my breasts are looking great at only 10 weeks postoperative. My scars are healing and look better every day.

My surgery was a big commitment considering the amount of procedures I had done and recovery time. I would do it again in a heartbeat, as my body looks lovely and my confidence and self esteem has increased exponentially since the extra skin has been removed. I would highly recommend Dr. Agha to anyone considering surgery.

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