Mich C

2 years ago

There is not enough I can say about how amazing Dr. Agha is. He is truly a skilled specialist and I'm forever grateful to him.

I had lost 85lbs when I was 21 years old. And for the following 15 years, I was unaware that I was carrying around loose skin; I honestly viewed myself as someone who was stuck with this body and unable to change it...and then when I could no longer take it, I started doing my research. Reading the words "lower body lift" was as if the computer was talking directly to me. I was elated and relieved.

I started talking to friends and clients who have been to plastic surgeons and some who have had weight loss surgeries and got a few referrals. I researched these doctors and became so discouraged. On one of these doctors websites, one who is a "specialist" in body lifts following massive weight loss, the after pictures of his clients were so horrible, I thought no way am I having this surgery if this is how I would end up looking. No attention or detail to aesthetics what-so-ever. I even went to another doctor for a consult (she charges $100 just for a 15 minute meeting) and she would NOT show me any before and after pictures. How odd is that? Why on earth would a doctor be so secretive about their work? After finding Dr. Agha's website, I knew I struck gold! Pictures really do speak a thousand words and his after pictures are the most accurate indication of the doctors work.

Upon meeting Dr. Agha, I was immediately at ease and convinced this was the guy for me. He is so kind, so attentive, so informative. There was no rush (and no charge) in our consult and I booked my surgery that day with Shireen, his coordinator, who is probably the sweetest, most adorable, most responsive and professionally relatable woman I've ever met. Any question you have, she is there. I could literally sit in her office and talk with her for hours about anything and everything. Their support is unparalled to anything I've ever experienced before.

Dr. Agha and his office staff fully prepped me every bit of the way prior to surgery and put me in touch with Pamela at Prive for my aftercare, which I stayed at for 4 nights and it was the best decision ever.

I had a lower body lift which included the tummy tuck, spiral thigh lift and fat to butt transfer. I am now a walking billboard for this doctors incredible skillfull hand! I want to strip for anyone who is willing to look at the new me, at the transformation Dr. Agha gave me. I am positively thrilled with my results. Better than I ever dreamt of.

I had a follow up surgery exactly one year later to the date for a few nips n tucks. I adore Dr. Agha so much (and so does my mom, who he always was able to put at ease as its not easy watching your only child go under), that we greet him with hugs and kisses every single time. He is truly a gem. We live in West LA and don't even think twice about making the hour drive down to his office, as he is worth every bit.

This is what Dr. Agha does, and he is really reallyreally good at what he does. Not enough good can be said about Dr. Agha and his team. Not enough.

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