After going up and down with my weight since childhood I decided to have weight loss surgery in 2009. Losing weight and keeping it off felt great! But I didn't feel so great about the damage I'd done to my body all those years of my weight fluctuating. In 2012 at age 30, weighing almost 100 pounds less than my highest weight, I decided to have something done about the excess/damaged skin that was left behind. 

I was meticulous about researching surgeons...paying VERY close attention to the detail in their before and after photos. I was not willing to go to a surgeon who had questionable work in their photos. I figured I had already ruined my body once with the weight; I could not take a chance allowing a surgeon to do subpar work. And trust me I've seen it all - there is subpar work out there even by trained surgeons! But when I found Dr. Agha's site I knew he would be the surgeon for me. It was apparent from his photos that he takes into consideration many details - from incision line placement to the final overall shape and appearance of the patient’s body. He is more like an artist.

It's since been 4 months since my lower body lift, arm lift, and fat transfer to butt. The results are an incredible difference. It's almost as if you can never tell I was obese. I will be going back for an inner thigh lift one day, and possibly fat transfer to breast. 

I keep a video log of my progress so you can watch those at the link I've provided. I know it was helpful for me to talk to and see Dr. Agha's previous patients before I chose him. Everyone I spoke to was also happy with their results. 

I will update more photos and my progress soon - so bookmark this page and check back. If you're considering plastic surgery I would highly recommend meeting Dr. Agha for a consultation. It’s free - and while in the office you will get to see for yourself how passionate he is about his work. Good luck and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions 🙂

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* Individual Results May Vary