After losing and gaining weight my entire life I was left with quite a mess of skin in my late 20's. So even though I felt good about myself for losing the weight for good this time and maintaining my loss of nearly 100 pounds, I had a constant reminder everyday because of the excess skin on my arms, stomach, back, and thighs.

After much research I decided on Dr. Agha because the pictures on his website speak for themselves. I looked at tons of websites and many surgeons claim to be specialists in this area but leave a persons body looking unusual after the skin is removed. Dr. Agha helps return someone to a desirable shape. After having my lower body lift, arm lift, and fat transfer to my butt you cannot tell I used to weigh nearly 250 pounds. I will definitely be going back for my inner thighs and possibly a fat transfer to my breasts.

My scar placement is perfect and because of his skill level is faded in many spots and completely smooth after just one year. When looking at other "specialists" their incisions and scar placement were big turn offs. Dr. Agha pays attention to detail and thinks about how he will make YOUR body look the best. You're not just a one-size-fits-all body. I know he carefully considered my personal shape and what was going to work best for me.

I highly recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery/body contouring.

* Individual Results May Vary