27 Dec 2012

Never in My Wildest Dreams

Dr. Agha has exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the process and outcome. I had done extensive research and met with other doctors but after meeting with Dr. Agha and his staff I knew Dr. Agha was the Dr. for me. His confidence, care and understanding of what I was after built the foundation for my decision and from they’re the trust.I am a gastric bypass patient who lost 125lbs 10 years ago. After living with a large amount of skin around by mid-section (hips, thighs and buttocks) I started to seek consultations for getting rid of this. I was hesitant after a couple of them and starting to feel that I may have to live with and be happy with the body I had.

Deciding that this wasn’t good enough, I started an internet search and came upon Dr. Siamak Agha’s website. When I called to schedule a consultation, his staff was very warm and friendly. They were more than helpful at answering all my questions. My husband and I met with Dr. Agha, and as soon as he walked through the door, he was warm and sincere. He let me talk first and wanted to hear exactly what I was after. He then proceeded to tell me what he needed to do to achieve my goals. He told me that I would need a lower body lift with buttock augmentation, and liposuction. He is very experienced and does an average of 1-2 of these a week. I felt very at ease and so did my husband. He was open to any and all of my questions as well as my husband’s questions.

The morning of surgery, I was extremely nervous. Dr. Agha walked through the door with a big smile on his face greeting my husband and I with a friendly hand shake, asking us if we were ready. He seemed more excited for me then I was. His caring attitude didn’t stop there. The weeks that followed, he and his staff were there for us with any questions and concerns throughout the post-op experience.

I knew there would be an improvement in my body after the surgery, but never in my wildest dreams would I of thought I would look like this!! All the extra skin is gone! My legs and butt are tighter than I ever thought possible. He reconstructed my entire lower body!! 8 weeks post op, my husband and I went to Hawaii. I walked on the beach in a bikini for the first time in my entire life!! Thank you, Dr. Agha for everything. You are not just a surgeon, you are an artist!


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