May 26, 2012

I begin my journey of weight loss in 2009 and to date have lost near 120lbs. I began looking for a surgeon to correct the massive skin laxity in my abdomen, back, thighs, and chest. I met with many surgeons and never felt quite at ease until I met Dr Agha. My initial consultation was very different from other surgeons. His attitude was very caring, empathetic, understanding of my personal needs, and also explained the potential complications in detail. I did not feel as if he was a salesman putting on a show. 

After my first consultation I knew that this was the person and practice I was going to put my trust and investment into. I was very comfortable selecting DrAgha as his experience in post weight loss surgery is unmatched almost anywhere in the world. I felt lucky that I was within an hour of his office and didn't need to travel while I went through my operations. 

Shireen, the patient coordinator was very professional and prepared me in detail for my operation. She answered all of my questions quickly and made herself available whenever I needed it. They stress the importance of proper nutrition and adhering to the pre operative supplementation plan they prescribe. Also. the cost of the procedure was very competitive and because Dr Agha can combine multiple procedures into one operation, they ended up saving me a lot of money 

My first surgery was on Nov 17th 2011. I had a high definition lower body lift which entailed a circumferential abdominoplasty. inner spiral thigh lift, outer thigh lift, liposuction, and fat transfer to my buttock. The procedure went as planned and although the recovery being a bit harsh as expected. I recovered fully within 6 weeks. The results were astounding. I sometimes can not believe the body I now have. Dr Agha is truly an amazing surgeon and I think works on another level than most. 

My second operation was in January of 2012. This entailed a J upper body lift which removed a majority of the laxity in my chest and upper back. We also did another update to my midsection to tone my abdonmenfurther which I was not charged for. Dr Agha will work with you in any way he can to deliver optimal and realistic results for his patients. His practice is the archetype that others should be measured by. The support staff are incredible and they treat you like family. Dr Agha resolved a major issue that I had and reconstructed my body in ways that I thought were not possible. I was treated with respect, kindness, thoroughness, professionalism, and for that I am forever grateful and consider Dr Agha a friend. 

I recommend his service to anybody who has lost a significant amount of weight and wants to transform their body.

* Individual Results May Vary