8 Mar 2013

Dr. Agha Knows His Stuff

Dr. Agha comes across as caring, well educated, and dedicated to making you the best “you” possible.After losing 170 pounds I searched high and low for a plastic surgeon who would be scrupulous with his/her craft. I make my living as a researcher so trust me when I say I did my due diligence when choosing Dr. Agha. Once I vetted him online, I even went so far as to read articles written by him published in medical journals. I wanted to find someone who was truly attentive to detail and who thoroughly cared about his/her work.

Once I met with the good doctor, I was stunned by his calming manner. He was not the first surgeon I consulted with so I was well versed in the different types of personalities I could have encountered. I have one recommendation for all those who go ahead and decide to work with him though. Trust his advice and suggestions. He’s done this before.

I had a boob job, an entire body lift and then some. I am a big boned, broad shouldered, sporty person and because I live such an active lifestyle I didn’t want to get gigantic breast implants. Dr. Agha told me that because I’m tall and big boned I should go with the larger implants because they would make me more proportionate. I thought I knew better and I said no, I wanted smaller implants. Now that I’m about three months post-op, I completely know what Dr. Agha was talking about. My breasts look and feel great, but I probably could have gone larger. So trust the good doctor’s opinions. He knows what he’s talking about.

* Individual Results May Vary