10 Jun 2013

My Outside Now Reflects How I Feel On The Inside...

I am a 40 year old who in 2004-2005 lost about 80# and was more than proud of up-righting myself and leaving the limitations of plus sized clothing behind. As an African American women an athletic thickness was a happy existence, skinny was never a sport of choice. The victory of weight loss was diminished by the deflation of my standard of beauty: full breast, thick thighs and ample bottom. Spanx and push-up bras became necessities. With clothes on, I was polished and sleek, body amour off…uh not so much. Between the years 2006-2011 I lost another hard fought 12#, ran 2 half marathons and 1 triathlon and possessed my best physical endurance and strength ever. I was spiritually sound, mentally strong and looking like a million bucks with clothes on… yet feeling a certain way about my deflated, breast, thighs and butt.No matter how many miles I ran nor weights lifted there was no recourse other than surgery and I painstakingly searched for an expert in body contouring and a surgeon who was familiar with the challenges of African American skin as scarring was a grave concern of mine. I didn't want to replace one source of angst for another. Choosing Dr. Agha’s expertise has been a life changing experience for me. He’s extremely personable and respectful, but most importantly an absolute perfectionist!! April 2011, with caution I only sought a breast lift and was amazed by the precision in which he created my breast shape and projection. They were so perfect, in my second post-op I actually asked him if he had given me implants because I really wasn't sure ... simply gorgeous, I have nearly invisible suture lines. A year later confidently I trusted him to sculpt a high definition abdominoplasty and lower body lift with butt lift. Dr. Agha has helped me achieve what I call “naked fine” old fashioned thickness but goodness, clothes on or off, I AM HOT. I sought balance in the reflection of the Superwoman I felt on the inside and how I looked on the outside. Dr. Agha has helped me achieve that balance and for his assistance with what I could not do on my own… I am forever grateful. April 2011 Breast Lift $7500 absolute fabulous results. Feb 2012 Arm Lift $4500 loved my new arms but needed liposuction at elbow. April 2013 Abdominalplasty, lower body lift with butt lift $28,000 The high defabdominoplasty lived up to its name. I have abs that I can finally see now that the extra skin has been removed.

* Individual Results May Vary