George Sayegh

Words can not express how happy I am with my results. At the age 16 I was 380 pounds, by the right dieting and exercise I lost about 170 pounds. As happy as I was with the weight loss my skin did not keep up and I had ALOT of extra skin, and when I was a younger I had Gyno and had some pretty large male breast. Being a young man in my prime time, it was hard to keep up the guys going for swims and talking to girls because of my extra skin. After getting accepted to UCLA I knew I needed to get a surgery done before school starts.

Dr. Agha was the only doctor I wanted hands down! With all my young energy I have searched and searched throughout California and even other states for the best doctor and after reviewing Dr. Agha I knew he was the perfect match. Every other doctor I spoke to and had a consultation was nothing compared to the work Dr. Agha does. From looking through his site and my own experience I would say Dr. Agha has mastered the are of contouring plastic surgery. My body looks like I never was fat nor had surgery! Dr. Agah came from Cambridge University School of Medicine and that was a huge plus by the way!

After checking out Dr. Agha site, I decided to give them a call. A young lady named Danielle answered and was extremely helpful and worked with me to get my first appointment for a consultation. Arriving at my appointment on time the doctor took me in right away and checked out my body. Let me remind the readers, being a young man, I have never in my life let anyone see me naked let alone with my shirt off but with Dr. Agha he came in, shake my hand and introduced himself, and made me really comfortable before asking me to take off my cloths. Not like those other doctors who treat all patients like damn cattle. Well anyways, the doctor checked me out gave me his insight and introduced me to the most wonderful financial adviser named Shireen. Shireen is the lady who shows you the prices and prepares you for what you need for surgery. If i can write a review just about Shireen I totally would because she was such an angle. She made me feel extra comfortable and relaxed to talk about my body. The surgery I got was a body lift consisting of a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and buttocks augmentation with some liposuction here and there for polishing the results.

Before surgery I was introduced to the staff that would be operating on me and I have to say everyone of them were just so amazing. They took so much care of me before and after surgery. Extremely professional and well-minded.

After surgery It was painful, but I was not scared because I was well taken cared of by the doctors assigned care giver Kimberly. Kim is also amazing and I recommend to anyone.

Overall experience, I couldn't have picked anybody better than Dr. Agha and his amazing staff. Its been a month since my surgery and I feel great. I still go see the doctor for check ups and till this day I only feel more comfortable with the staff and Dr. Agah, I still get a warming welcome every time I walk in with big hugs.

Cheers guys!!

Thanks again for being apart of a big step in my life

* Individual Results May Vary