Debbie M.

Aug. 8, 2008

Well, what can I say...Dr. Agha is a miracle worker. He has this ability to see past all the excess skin that you may have hanging and give you a body that fits you, the patient. He is very understanding, compassionate and is fun. His staff is the best. After having WLS 3 years ago, I weighed 440lbs. I promised myself once I lost half of myself I would do my research for a plastic surgeon. Well, I did just that, I lost 220 llbs. and my research lead me to Dr. Agha. I knew from conversations with his office and after reading and researching (which is something I HIGHLY suggest) I decided on Dr. Agha. After the first minute on my first visit, I knew I had found the right man for the job. He listened to what I was saying, he guided me through what he was doing. I was very much at ease with the whole program. I am a pharmacist and when I was reading the material his office gave me to read over and I noticed the use of this "Procare" drink, I have to say I was very skeptical about a protein drink that helps in healing. My programmed way of thinking was that protein drinks were bad, something you never forget from your WLS days. (remember protein, protein, protein). Well, needless to say I gave the Procare drinks a shot. Man-o-man, I can not believe how well I bounced back from the 2 procedures Dr. Agha did!! It took a couple of weeks but I found the mixture that worked for me and I was up to drinking 4 drinks a day. Even when I was in the hospital, my parents who stayed at the hotel would bring me my protein drink, because the hospital could never get the mixture right. I highly recommend that you select Dr. Agha to perform your surgery and you follow the directions for drinking the "Procare" drinks (i recommend using the Chocolate Silk Milk!!- give it a try) . I truly believe that drinking the Procare helped me heal faster, and it helped supplement my meals. The one thing I left out was that I also have braces, so after being intubated my mouth would hurt and thus I did not want to eat which many of you WLS people know can lead to very bad results. But, these drinks helped me keep my hair and not get sick. Dr. Agha has been given a gift that allows him to see what body shape is good for each person and the steady hands to achieve that shape. Follow the advice and program that he and his staff have worked on over the years, and this will only help you heal quicker so you can enjoy your new body.

* Individual Results May Vary