Corinne's Lower Body Lift Experience

It was extremely  important for me to find the right surgeon, and research and familiarize myself with the procedure; how to prepare for surgery, post-op care, incision care, recovery, scar therapy, etc.  In my web search I've learned there is very limited information about the body lift procedure available online.  There are TONS of blogs and videos about tummy tucks and breast augmentations, which helped me somewhat, but I felt a bit uneasy not being able to find personal body lift experiences.  Then one day in my search, my luck changed.  Searching through You Tube,  I ran across a vlog from a brave woman Kelly, who recently documented her body lift procedure with a local OC plastic surgeon, from the night before her surgery through her third month of recovery.  Thanks to her generosity, I finally could relate with someone in my position.  More importantly, her courageous act led me to her surgeon, who happened to specialize in this procedure.  Dr. Agha performs at least 1 body lift per week.  This is an incredible number, as most doctors (I met with seven) either perform a limited number of them per year, or are not comfortable performing all the necessary procedures in one surgery.  Dr. Agha's website provided pictures of before and afters of actual body lifts, and the results are incredible.  Most pictures showed low and clean scar lines, plus I was able to find several 5 star reviews from former body lift patients.  After meeting with him the choice was clear- he had to be my surgeon. 

Although I was his last consultation of the day, on a Friday afternoon AND his birthday nonetheless, Dr. Agha took his time with me to fully explain his thoughts on the work I should have done, as well as ensuring that all my questions and concerns were answered.  After my meeting with the doctor I went to speak with Shireen, the patient coordinator.  Dr. Agha popped in at least three times to ask if I had any further questions before he would leave the office. 

The day of surgery, Dr. Agha came into my prep room with an ear-to-ear grin, excited and ready to perform my surgery.  This act alone gave me the extra confidence and peace of mind that I needed.  After surgery, I stayed with Pam at the doctor's preferred after-care facility for four days. 

Dr. Ahga performed the following procedures on me, in a surgery that lasted for just over 6 hours, in September 2012.

  • Circumferencial Abdominoplasty (AKA tummy tuck)
  • Monsplasty (Fancy term for a Va-jay-jay lift.  Yep, the skin below the pubic line (AKA "mons") gets stretched out too and sags)
  • Elevation of front thigh
  • Outer thigh lift
  • Buttock lift
  • Liposuction of lower back
  • Flap and lipoaugmentation of buttocks

Nearly 8 weeks post-op, I can definately say that no amount of research or preparation could have prepared me for my experience.  However now that my body is finally falling healing, I'm confident that I made the right decision to have this surgery and extremely confident in my choice of surgeons. Dr. Agha has always prepared me to be realistic about my results, and at the same time, did everything he could to give me the results I hoped for.  He and his staff continue to be a source of help and reassurance in this process.  When working with them on the phone, via email, or in person, thier responses are timely.  I never feel rushed or made to feel like I'm asking dumb questions. 

Dr. Agha clearly takes pride in his work, and very good care of his patients.  I appreciate him, his staff, and Kelly, who without her willingness to share her experience, I wouldn't have found Dr. Agha.

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* Individual Results May Vary