May 11, 2014

I lost over 170 pounds and had the skin to prove it. In 2001, insurance covered the removal of my excess abdominal skin, a brachioplasty, and a thighplasty. I was only in my late twenties recently out of college in debt and grateful that insurance was going to pay, however it was a nightmare. Every plastic surgery nightmare possible happened. I got a staff infection in my belly button (took a year to recover from), I pulled drains, and incisions burst open because of the infections. I had to heal from the inside out. The surgeon that did my arms had never done one and put the incision in the wrong location, so my arms are scared for life. I was basically butchered and truly traumatized. My body looked fine in clothes, but I felt like a creature naked. I took me 12 years and a lot a research to get the courage to consider going under the knife again. 

I looked at many websites and visited 3 surgeons. I live in northern California and Dr. Agha is in Southern California. 

The office - When you arrive at the office you are greeted and offered coffee or tea. The office is clean and well kept. It is shared with one other doctor, a dermatologist. I have always been taken back within minutes. They run a very tight ship when it comes to time management. 

The Staff - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the staff. After my last experience, I think I might be a bit of a handful and they are so wonderful! They are exceptionally professional, but also compassionate. I call them "hugs." I feel like a get a hug every time I go there. Danielle generally is at the front counter and she is a super direct and about business at all times, but so sweet and funny at the same time. She will do anything to help you she can and I mean that literally! Thanks for everything Danielle. ; ) Shireen is generally in the back office and she is the super nurturing and super sweet. She is the where I originally came up with the nickname "hug." But again, she is all business and I love that. She makes you feel safe and cared for physically, financially, and emotionally. Last there is Kimberli, she is not really a part of the staff, but kind of, she is the aftercare person they most refer to and she is a dream. She is so compotent and so sweet all at the same time. Much better that the nursing service that is also offered. 

The Doctor - Dr. Agha is amazing. He is truly gifted. I think it is this simple. Plastic surgeons put their best work on their websites. When I was researching I would look at pictures on other surgeons websites and the best had crooked or wide incisions, lumpy and bumpy liposuction and/or extreme lack of symmetry. With Dr. Agha, it was the opposite, everything looked almost perfect and the volume of examples was testimony enough. Then I met him. He IS NOT a sales man! I went to other surgeons who wanted to do all kinds of crazy things on me just because. Dr. Agha listened to me, my history, my financial situation and what I wanted and told me what he could and COULD NOT (a surgeon admitted they "could not" do something, that was new for me) do for me. He didn't make crazy promises, he just told me the truth, some of which I didn't like, but I appreciated the truth. He is quiet and very sweet in his approach. He doesn't bend and doesn't compromise, not because he inflexible, but because he know what is best for his patients and it is based on scientific research and practice. He is a scientist and a physician, something I truly value! Another very important distinction with Dr. Agha is his nutritional protocol. He expects all of his patients to follow a nutritional protocol for optimal healing. This was life changing for me. It not only made the healing easier, it improves my overall health. 

The procedures - I had my arms revised, my breast revised, my tummy revised, Brazilian butt lift and a lower body lift, with fat transfer to the breast and butt. I am very happy with the outcome. Tiny (smaller than a sharpie)), super symmetrical incisions cover the areas of my body he performed surgery, just a few months ago and are fading fast due to the nutritional protocol. I feel like a normal person, actually a little like a super model, but we won't go there. I am just thankful I don't feel like a creature anymore and my husband can't keep his hands off me. ; ) I think it's the butt. I am going to Mexico in May and will wear a bikini for the first time in my life. Thanks Dr. Agha! ; ) 

The overall experience - It took me two years after meeting Dr. Agha to have the surgery, the primary reason was money and the secondary was a little fear from my previous experience. This was nothing like it. I did not have one complication. I received a telephone call everyday, form Danielle to check on me, I was not alone. His prices are extremely competitive if not low! Dr. Agha practice is the complete practice, - a gifted, kind surgeon, and a warm caring professional staff that manages patients

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