Arm lift cost can be burdensome, as insurance will likely not pay for the plastic surgery. However, most people consider arm lift cost far less burdensome than the extra skin and fat they have on their arms. Personal loans, second mortgage, specialized medical loans, savings and other means are used by patients of Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center to pay arm lift cost.

In order to ensure you have a complete picture of your expected arm lift cost, ensure the plastic surgeon's estimation includes the following:

Overall Arm Lift Cost

A routine arm lift will cost between $3,500 and $5,000 in most areas of the United States. There will likely be other cost considerations however, toward the final arm lift cost.


Your arm lift cost will increase if you need removal of excess fat to be part of your plastic surgery. Liposuction carries its own fees, added to the standard arm lift cost.

Plastic Surgeon's Qualifications

Using a highly qualified plastic surgeon costs more in surgical and professional fees. However, you will save in the long run, when you do not suffer possible complications at the hands of a less experienced plastic surgeon. Not needing revision surgery is another benefit of using a more qualified plastic surgeon despite slightly higher arm lift cost.


From geography to geography within the United States, there is variance in cost of living. This affects consumables such as milk, bread and fuel. It also affects big ticket items like houses and elective procedures. Arm lift cost may be different in your geography than elsewhere. If considering out-of-town arm lift cost, remember to factor in housing for your recovery, food and transportation.

Health Condition

If you are healthy and do not have special conditions such as diabetes, your arm lift cost will be lower than someone with such health considerations. Plastic surgeons must provide specialized attention and care to individuals with greater health risk.


Arm lift cost does vary according to the type of anesthesia used. Many plastic surgeons prefer using general anesthesia for arm lift. Your arm lift cost may be different if your plastic surgeon uses another means of anesthesia, such as local anesthesia with a sedative.

Diagnostic Tests

Before you undergo plastic surgery, your plastic surgeon may require diagnostic testing. Blood tests and other such diagnostics will add to the arm lift cost. Ask your plastic surgeon's office if these tests will be required and if they are contained within the arm lift cost estimation.


You will likely be provided with prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics for post-surgical use. Arm lift cost may not include these, nor over-the-counter pain medication, nutritional supplements and other medications.

Wound Care

Caring for your incisions properly to ensure adequate healing requires gauze, bandages and other items which may add to your arm lift cost. You may even need ointments or recommended soap. Ask your plastic surgeon's office what they recommend you have at home for the best incision care after plastic surgery.