What is a Short Scar Arm Lift?

Short scar arm lifts are a type of “mini arm lift” that attempts to negate some of the scarring by using an incision in the armpit, rather than across the arm, in order to remove excess skin and fat. Although most post-bariatric patients benefit most from a full brachioplasty, some patients may find that the excess skin in and around their arms is not as significant, and – when skin laxity is less severe – may benefit most from a short scar arm lift.

Benefits of a Short Scar Arm Lift

When the short scar arm lift is the right decision for your specific body contouring needs, that is often because there are several benefits for the patient, including:

  • Hidden Scarring – For mild to moderate arm laxity, larger scars tend to make less cosmetic sense. A short scar arm lift is minimizes visible scarring, hiding it under the armpit, thus improving aesthetic appearance without as much sacrifice for the scar.
  • Reduced Cost – Short scar arm lifts are less expensive than full brachioplasty, with less time involved and less potential risk. For those that only have small amounts of extra skin in the upper arm, this reduced cost is beneficial.

The procedure itself, while very different from the full brachioplasty, delivers similar promise but is limited to the upper arm. It is great for improving small amounts of upper arm body contouring.

Is the Short Scar Arm Lift Used on Post-Bariatric Patients?

So the short scar arm lift is our preferred choice for mild to moderate skin laxity. However, it should be noted that rarely is a mini arm lift appropriate for post-bariatric patients. Usually it is limited to those that have lost weight through natural means. That is because after bariatric surgery, often the entire arm is left with sagging skin and tissue, rather than just the upper arm. This would make the mini arm lift an inappropriate choice.

For post-bariatric patients, Dr. Agha recommends and extended arm lift. Yes, there is more scarring, but the reason that there is more scarring is that there is significantly more skin to excise, and far more contouring that needs to occur in order to give the arm a more pleasing shape.

Talk to Dr. Agha About Your Arm Lift Options

For mild to moderate skin laxity, especially when limited to the upper arm, the short scar arm lift is by far one of the best techniques to use in Orange County and Los Angeles. However, keep in mind that this type of procedure, while useful, is often not used on those that have lost significant weight, and is instead used on those with very mild body contouring needs.

The best thing to do is speak with Dr. Agha directly. Contact our Newport Beach plastic surgery center today at 949-644-2442 to schedule your consultation, to start talking to Dr. Agha directly about your concerns and preferences.