Thighplasty Complication Issues

The good news is that complications related to thigh lifts tend to be only minor dangers. Blood clots and other surgical risks in the thighs are very rare, and most surgeons use careful strategies to ensure that you are not in any danger upon leaving their offices. That said, there are still risks associated with thighplasty, including:

  • Healing Can Be a Problem
    Thigh lifts can take a long time to heal – longer than nearly every other lift procedure. That is because the inner thighs undergo a lot of issues not shared by the rest of the body. The cuts tend to be bigger. The area between the thighs is often sweaty and moist. The thighs stretch and contract a great deal, and the thighs undergo a lot of pressure when sitting, walking, running, and standing.

    All of these issues may mean that your thigh lifts can struggle to heal, and possibly break open (although only in small pieces) during the healing process. Make sure you listen to your doctor’s advice thoroughly before you leave the surgical center, to ensure that you make the right choices with your healing.

  • Infection Risk
    Similarly, the risk of minor infection is high with a thigh lift. “Minor” is the operative term there, as life threatening infections are exceedingly rare. Nevertheless, you will want to continuously keep an eye out for minor infections as you heal from your thighplasty, and call your doctor if you see any signs of an infection that concern you.

    Infections may be caused by the bacteria and moisture that builds up near your thighs, as well as the closeness of your thighs to bacterial hotbeds and the open wounds that may occur while healing. Airing out the wound and keeping it clean may reduce the risk of infection.

  • Scarring is a Risk
    Scarring is also a common issue with thigh lifts. It’s important you recognize this risk before you go into the surgery, as many people have unrealistic expectations of the way their thighs will look after surgery. Scarring, especially for those that are prone to scarring, can be a problem. Dr. Agha uses techniques to reduce scarring dramatically.
  • Surgeons Must Be Detailed and Experienced
    There is so little room for error with a thigh lift that even the most experienced plastic surgeons cannot guarantee perfection. But the better the surgeon, the more likely you are going to be able to see high quality results that will have you feeling more confident in your thighs again.

Should You Not Get a Thigh Lift at All?

On the contrary, despite these issues, thigh lifts are still an extremely popular, valuable procedure – especially for those that have lost significant weight. With a great surgeon, there is no reason to avoid a thighplasty if it’s the right decision based on your needs. It’s simply important to be aware of these risks so that you can take care of yourself and your thighs after the surgery is over.
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