Combining Hysterectomy and Panniculectomy May Be Safe

Recently, a study performed at Yale University found that combining a hysterectomy with a common procedure in a lower body lift, known as a Panniculectomy, did not appear to cause any increase in complications compared to a hysterectomy alone.

Panniculectomy is the name of the procedure where excess fat and skin on a hanging abdomen is removed (lifted) in order to achieve a flatter stomach. It’s an extremely common procedure in lower body lifts, particularly circumferential body lifts. The scientists found that the cuts used to perform a hysterectomy were very similar to the incisions used in a Panniculectomy, and when combined there did not appear to be any increase in complications for patients over those that underwent just a hysterectomy.

What This Means for Hysterectomy Patients

The results are only the first step, as more research is always beneficial in ensuring there are no long term issues. But the results of this data are important and beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Addressing Self-Esteem – Hysterectomies can cause a lot of distress in women, that often feel troubled by the removal of an important female organ. For some, it may be beneficial to be using this surgery to address an area of concern elsewhere, so women can be more confident in their bodies after the surgery is over.
  • Reducing Surgical Interventions – The need and use of body lifts and plastic surgery goes up after you age and have children, as does the frequency of a hysterectomy. Theoretically, any woman that had already considered a procedure like a Panniculectomy that has been scheduled for a hysterectomy may want to combine procedures so that they don’t have to undergo additional surgeries in the future.
  • Reduced Cost – Anesthesia, along with the cost of recovery and surgery time, can all add up when procedures are performed separately. When combined, the two may result in less cost for the patient.

This also opens the door for further research about combining surgical procedures. It is already becoming more common for men and women that have undergone significant weight loss to combine hernia repair with their tummy tucks. As more and more of these discoveries take place, more research can start to focus on the best and most efficient way to provide safer plastic surgery procedures, especially when other necessary medical procedures are performed.

It’ll be interested to see what this type of research continues to find in the future. For now, if you’re interested in learning more about lower body lifts in Orange County and Los Angeles, call Dr. Agha today at 949-644-2442.