Why Doesn’t the Skin Shrink With It?

The body is not designed to gain and lose weight at rapid speeds. When you gain weight, your skin and tissues grow and stretch. This feature is due to skin elasticity – the elastic nature of skin that allows it to stretch without breaking. When you lose weight slowly, the skin is generally able to shrink back into place. It’s not perfect, and some extra skin may be left over, but overall it is able to “snap back” into a more desirable shape, much like actual elastic.

But with massive weight loss after bariatric surgery, the body doesn’t have that time to adjust. Unlike elastic, the skin doesn’t have tension that can pull it back into place. The cells of your body have to cooperate, and they are not often equipped to handle significant weight loss in little time. This can be made worse by the extent of your weight gain, as some skin can be stretched so significantly that it has lost its ability to regain its previous shape.

When skin is left over after post-bariatric weight loss, the result is “skin laxity,” or “skin looseness,” and this can cause significant discomfort for bariatric surgery recoverees.

Addressing Skin Looseness with Body Lifts/Plastic Surgery

Many bariatric surgery patients go into surgery thinking that they are going to regain their youthful body after weight loss. But bariatric surgery is designed to save lives, not improve appearance. Excess skin and tissue can lead some post-bariatric patients to feel as bad or worse about their body than ever before. That excess skin can also cause pain, discomfort, and even infection.

Experts now recommend planning for plastic surgery after weight loss, to improve your emotional health after you have improved your physical health. Bariatric surgery saves lives, but body lifts – the plastic surgery procedures used on those that have lost significant amounts of weight – can make sure that you’re experience more emotional happiness as well, able to enjoy your weight loss and feel more confident about yourself.

Body Lifts May Support Weight Management

There is another potential benefit to plastic surgery as well. Studies have shown that those that go through a body lift after weight loss are also less likely to regain weight. It’s possible this is due to:

  • Easier Movement – Excess skin can make it very difficult to exercise and maintain your weight.
  • Stress Eating – Those that feel little confidence in their bodies may start or continue to overeat.
  • Greater Satisfaction – Emotional health does play a role in weight control.

So not can you improve your emotional wellbeing, but you may be able to reduce weight gain in the future.

Dr. Agha – Newport Beach Body Lift Expert

Dr. Siamak Agha has developed a reputation in Orange County as the number one choice for body lifts after weight loss. He has pioneered some of the procedures that are used on weight loss patients across the country, and is known among the bariatric community – especially around Newport Beach – for his commitment to the complexities of weight loss patients.

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