So Why Aren’t People Happy?

You would think that this type of massive weight loss would be cause for celebration. But studies have shown that that’s not the case, and one of the main reasons for this is that the body can’t adjust to massive weight loss that quickly, leaving people with significant amounts of excess skin and weight.

This level of skin laxity can be substantial – so much so that it can make it hard to move, and possibly damage their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. It is especially problematic around the abdomen, where hanging skin can make it hard to move or feel confident in your body.

The Effects of Abdominoplasty on Quality of Life After Weight Loss

More and more individuals have been turning to plastic surgery after substantial weight loss, and for good reason – plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha in Orange County have trained to provide a contoured, better looking body, removing the excess skin and tissue and making it possible to see a more attractive body shape.

The science supports this as well. One study looked at the effects of a circumferential tummy tuck – the most common tummy tuck performed on post-bariatric patients. It found that women that underwent abdominoplasty had:

  • Satisfaction with the Procedure – After the procedure was over, the patients had a high satisfaction rating with the procedure, and no serious complications.
  • Improvement in Quality of Life – Quality of life can be difficult to measure, especially since other factors play a role. That said, the results did show an improvement in the quality of life of these patients.
  • Better Personal and Social Relations – Perhaps most importantly, the study found significant and substantial improvements in social relations, including personal relationships, productivity, social performance, and more.

Women that decided to re-shape their body after weight loss through plastic surgery showed an improvement in their psychological health, and the benefits that they hoped to receive from their weight loss.

Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

Losing significant amounts of weight is supposed to be a great experience. When it comes to your health, it certainly is. But those that were hoping to also love their body sometimes need a little bit of extra help. The good news is that the most well known procedures – such as the circumferential abdominoplasty – have excellent reliability in research to provide those very social and psychological benefits that you’ve been looking for.

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