Dr. Agha is the local leader in arm lifts, performing more arm lifts per year in Southern California than most plastic surgeons in the rest of the state. If you’re planning on getting an arm lift, consider the following timeline:

  • Initial Consultation – Before you get an arm lift, you must complete an initial consultation with Dr. Agha. You have to be a good candidate for arm lifts, and in the right frame of mine to have yours completed. This takes roughly an hour.
  • Pre-Op Appointment – After approval, you need to come in one more time for a pre-operative appointment that takes one or two hours. During this appointment you will fill out all relevant paperwork, get any prescriptions that you’ll need both before and after the surgery, and ask all of the questions you may have to your surgical coordinator.
  • Morning of the Surgery – It’s best to arrive as much as an hour early, so that you can finish asking questions, fill out any additional paperwork, get settled, and receive your “markings,” which are lines on the arm used to finish the procedure.
  • The Surgery – The surgery itself takes roughly 2 to 3 hours depending on the amount of skin removed and the overall look of the arm. Arm lift surgery is provided with general anesthesia, so you will be sedated through the entire procedure and your arm will have local anesthesia to ensure you are not in any pain.
  • After the Surgery – Roughly one hour after the surgery is over, you can go home and rest. It is best to have someone pick you up.
  • Post Surgery – Dr. Agha and his staff will give you care instructions, as well as follow up appointments. You’ll need to leave the bandages on for three days, as well as come into the offices for a checkup 5, 10, and 21 days after the procedure is over to make sure you are recovering thoroughly.

Arm lifts are one of our most popular procedures here at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, with clients from LA to San Francisco, San Diego to Newport Beach, and all over California. If you’re interested in learning more about our arm lifts in Orange County, give us a call today. We’re happy to describe the procedure itself, what’s involved, and how long it takes for you to get back to your normal day to day life.