Body Lifts: Mostly Permanent, Best Right Now

As the leading body lift plastic surgeon in Orange County and Los Angeles, Dr. Agha performs more body lifts each year than many plastic surgeons perform in their entire careers. Most of the effects of body lifts are permanent. All of the skin removed will not grow back, all of the contouring procedures are permanent (more on that in a moment), and any changes to the body completed in conjunction with the body lift, such as abdominal tightening or hernia repair, are mostly permanent.

There are only a few considerations that may not be permanent. The first is that your body is still prone to the effects of dieting, good health, etc. If you gain substantial weight after your body lift procedure, you may still be at risk for skin stretching, misshapen areas, etc. just as you always were. They are unlikely to be as significant as they would be pre-surgery, but the risk is there.

Similarly, skin does continue to age, and some relaxation of the skin may occur. This would be true with or without surgery.

Benefits of a Body Lift Sooner vs. Later

Nearly all of your lower body lift changes will be permanent. But even if they were not, there are many advantages to having your body lift completed sooner, rather than later. These include:

  • Enjoying it in Your Youth – The younger you are, the more you will be able to enjoy your new body. As you age, your health and energy levels may go with it, and you won’t be able to enjoy or take advantage of your body lift as much.
  • Candidacy Changes – The longer you wait, the more you become less of a good candidate for a lower body lift. Indeed, if you wait too long, you may experience some change to your health that makes a lower body lift impossible. It’s easier to elect for a body lift the younger and healthier that you are.
  • Safety – Similarly, everything from the safety of the procedure to recovery is better the younger and healthier that you are. It may be in your best interests to safety to have your body lift completed at a younger age, rather than wait until the risks increase.

Orange County body lifts from Dr. Agha are an excellent choice for completely changing the look of your body, and improving your overall appearance dramatically. The results are, and should be, permanent, as the changes that are made to the body cannot be undone. There are still some issues related to aging that can affect the look of your lower body lift over time, but as the above list shows, there are still many more reasons to complete your body lift now rather than wait until an older age.

If you’re ready to learn more about body lifts, including specific procedures and total body lifts, contact Dr. Agha today at 949.644.2442. Based in Newport Beach, Dr. Agha has performed hundreds of body lifts, and is one of the few that specializes in post-bariatric patients.