Why Complications Are So High With Thigh Lifts

It’s not entirely clear why thigh lifts seem to have such a higher rate of complications. The most likely issues are motion and location. The thigh lift incisions are constantly under tension (from muscles and holding up your body, as well as sitting, laying down, etc.) and the thighs are also located in an area that can make it hard for your skin and tissues to breathe and stay germ free.

That is probably why thigh lifts have several common “complications,” including:

  • Infections
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Openings

Yet tis high risk of complications stands in stark contrast to the extremely high satisfaction rating amongst those with thigh lifts. Over 90% of those that undergo a thigh lift report a very positive result, and would recommend it to other weight loss patients.

Why Thigh Lifts Are So Highly Recommended

So why are thigh lifts receiving such positive reviews, even though statistically they have a higher risk of complication than other procedures? The main reason is because the complications are considered relatively minor and often harmless. While the word “complications” sparks fear of serious post-surgical injury, the thigh lift is simply prone to minor wound healing issues and swelling that almost entirely go away on their own, without any further surgery.

Since those that undergo thigh lifts are almost always looking for better contoured thighs, and because thigh lifts themselves are free of most major complications, thigh lifts remain an extremely popular and recommended procedure for those interested in body lifts.

While complications are always something you need to consider before you undergo any surgery, make sure that you fully understand what the complications are, and not focus too much on the word “complications” itself, which in the case of thigh lifts can be misleading. To learn more about thigh lifts, and other body lift procedures, contact Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center today at 949-644-2442.