The Growing Trend of Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

It’s the importance of self confidence that has led many post-bariatric patients to seek out plastic surgery. There are now many different plastic surgery procedures with the ability to help men and women regain their ideal shape after weight loss, so that they are able to improve their psychological and emotional health, and make sure that they are seeing the effects of their new bodies.

Body Lifts for Post Bariatric Patients

There are many different types of plastic surgery options for those that have lost substantial amounts of weight. But the most holistic of all of them is known as the body lift – a combination of an upper body lift and a lower body lift, and all of the procedures involved in each. Total body lifts are top to bottom procedures. Every part of your body with excess skin and fat is cut, shaped, and repurposed, with surgeries that include liposuction, skin and tissue removal, and much more.

However, not everyone is ready for a total body lift right away. Total body lifts are substantial procedures, with patients spending as long as 16 hours in surgery on two separate occasions. Dr. Agha is known for being an expert in safe and effective body lifts, but at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, we speak to patients all of the time that are not quite ready to undergo the full body lift, since many have never had plastic surgery before. For those that are interested in only a single procedure, the following are some of the most popular:

  • Tummy Tucks – Probably the most well known and highly regarded procedures, the tummy tuck flattens the stomach through tightening and removing of the skin, and also is a good opportunity for your surgeon to address hernias which tend to plague formerly obese patients. Of all of the plastic surgery options for weight loss patients, the tummy tuck may be your primary choice.
  • Thigh Lifts – Thigh lifts are another very popular option for those that have undergone substantial weight loss. Thigh lifts shape the legs dramatically, which helps make it much easier for patients to choose and wear pants, as well as keep up their exercise habits.
  • Breast Implants/Lifts – Many women find that their breasts cause them the most distress after weight loss, as they tend to sag or become flat. They also tend to be harder to hide in everyday apparel, which for many causes significant self confidence issues. That’s why many people choose to get breast implants or breast lifts (both procedures which enhance the shape of the breast) in order to regain that confidence in their chest.

Of course, there are many other types of lifts as well, each one potentially playing a role in your self confidence. With arm lifts, butt lifts, and even back lifts, post-bariatric patients often seek out whatever issue is causing them the most distress when a lower body lift or total body lift is not something they’re ready to commit to.

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