The same is true of body lifts. Recently we ran a search of some of the most common body lift procedures:

Up until about December, 2009, these terms were all searched for at the same rate. But then starting about 2010, one term exploded – the “butt lift.” At its peak in February, 2012, the “butt lift” was searched for at a massive rate, with 5x more searches than arm lift, neck lift, thigh lift, and chest lift COMBINED.

It also doesn’t appear that this occurred because of any specific news article that may have peaked interest. It simply seems that, in about 2010, something changed in the public eye that made the butt lift more desirable. A search for the most popular type of butt lift, the “Brazilian butt lift,” yielded similarly high results, versus only a few searches at any given time before 2010.

What Accounts for the Growing Popularity of the Butt Lift?

Though the exact reason may never be known, one thing that is well known – at least anecdotally – is that a small posterior used to be considered more popular, but in the last several years a large, round buttocks has become all the rage.

This may be due to the rise in popularity of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, who became popular for their large exteriors. Or it may be due to (rather than caused by) the frequency of models becoming famous for their posteriors on social media, especially Instagram, where some of the most followed women are those that regularly post photos of their behinds.

It may also be due to the popularity of yoga pants, which has fueled a fetish for much of the population, and has increased in popularity massively since 2010 as well. Yoga pants are known to showcase a posterior, so theoretically the number of women wearing yoga pants may be pushing others to start addressing and enlarging their own buttocks.

These types of trends are not always easy to fully understand, but one thing is clear – the butt lift is far and away the most well known and popular plastic surgery lift procedure, and it is not even close. Those that are interested in learning more about butt lifts, especially those around Orange County and Los Angeles, should contact Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center today at 949-644-2442.