But what breast reshaping option should you choose? There are many different options available for those that are interested, and the exact choice has to do with many different factors, including:

  • Your Body Shape
  • Your Health/Fitness Levels
  • Your Preferences

You’ll want to speak to your doctor about all of the options available to you, as well as consider the following:

  • Breast Implants – Breast implants are one of the simplest ways to reshape the body. They provide a firm structure that can add clear balance to the chest. Not everyone wants to have implants after weight loss, since in some cases they can have an unnatural feel, but they are also smart to consider given the shapes that many people try to make after weight loss.
  • Breast Fat Transfer – Another option is fat transfer. Similar to breast implants, fat transfer improves the shape and size of your breasts. Yet rather than use implants, breast fat transfer utilizes your body’s own fat to reshape your breasts, giving it a more natural feel. Yet fat transfer is only right for certain post-bariatric patients, because the fat in the breasts is prone to the same weight loss and gain as the fat in other areas of the body.
  • Breast Reshaping Only – One of the most common choices is breast reshaping alone, with no augmentation. Dr. Agha shapes the breasts using your own tissue, often as part of an upper body lift. The procedure uses upper back tissue to give the breasts more firmness and lift, but does not necessarily try to increase its size using any of the above methods.

As with all plastic surgery procedures, it’s important to speak with your plastic surgeon and determine what works best for you. Every doctor is different, and every recommendation is different given your body type and size.

In Orange County and Los Angeles, many post bariatric patients call Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center at 949-644-2442 to determine the breast lift or reshaping procedure that is best for their needs. Let our helpful staff determine the best breast reshaping option for you, and discuss reshaping either as a standalone procedure or as part of an upper or full body lift.