Why Get a Body Lift?

  • Improved Mental Health – For many, the point of losing weight was to improve the way they feel about themselves. That’s often very difficult to do when you don’t get to really appreciate the results of your hard work. The improved mental health that you get from seeing your body more “complete” with the excess skin and fat removed is invaluable, and one of the main reasons that body lifts are some of the most popular procedures for post-obesity weight loss.
  • More Comfortable Settings – After a body lift, more and more men and women find themselves able to go to places they used to be uncomfortable. For example, you may be more comfortable going to the beach or pool, or walking around your home with your shift off. In a way, body lifts can open up doors to what you can do and where you are comfortable spending your time.
  • Less Stretching and Weight – All weight can add stress to your body, and even though you’ve lost a lot of fat, you’re still likely to struggle with the effects of excess weight when you have skin and fat left over. The excess skin can weight your body down, and cause even more stretched skin over time as gravity takes control of it. After a body lift, that stress on your body is gone.
  • Greater Movements – Losing weight is the most important first step for being healthy, but you still need to exercise, move, etc. Unfortunately the excess skin and fat from weight loss can make it difficult to jog, hike, and more. After a body lift, your ability to play sports, exercise, etc. all becomes easier again, since there is less weight and pressure holding you back.

Of course, the emotional and physical benefits of body lifts also have their own benefits as well. The more active you are, the more it’s easy to enjoy your life, spend time with friends, and even be intimate. The more self confident you are, the easier it is to be social, be confident, and more. These are all additional benefits that are the result of the many benefits listed above.

Overall, a body lift is an outstanding choice for those that are struggling with their body shape after weight loss. If you’re interested in learning more about body lifts, as well as individual lift procedures, contact Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center today.