In order to lose weight and be healthier, you have to have a healthy diet. No amount of exercise or surgery can take the place of healthy eating, because you don’t just want to lose weight – you want to live and be healthier, and that means that you have to maintain a healthy diet every day.

But the definition of “healthy diet” has long been debated, with many people claiming that you need (or don’t need) very specific foods, and you have to stay away from the foods you love altogether in order to be healthy.

The Truth About Healthy Dieting

The reality is much simpler. Healthy dieting doesn’t require you to eat specific foods or cut out something you love. Healthy dieting only means making smart decisions with what you put into your body, avoiding excesses, and making sure that you have variety. The following are the true definition of a “healthy diet,” and what it means to eat healthy.

  • Eat Everything in Moderation
    The truth is that in moderation, any food can be good for you in its own way. Cheese has some excellent calories. Pasta is great for energy. Meat is filled with vitamins. Some fat, cholesterol, sugars, etc. can actually be good for you in small doses. The problem is not the food. The problem is how much of it is eaten, and the lack of other foods in the meal.

    So you don’t need to cut out all cheese, avoid all meat, skip all desserts. You simply need to moderate them and be aware of how much you’re eating. You can find out more with our medical weight loss diet information.

  • Eating the Rainbow
    Studies have consistently shown that what you really want to do is “eat the rainbow.” That means eating fruits, vegetables, and grains of all different colors. You don’t want to limit yourself just to greens, or carrots, or blueberries. You want to make sure that you’re having some variation in your diet, and enjoying foods in a variety of natural colors.
  • Fiber, Protein, and Vitamins
    The must-haves for the human body are fiber, protein, and a variety of natural vitamins. These provide you with much of the nutrition that your body needs to operate. Some foods, like lentils, provide all of these in one, and are a great addition to the diet. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in these nutrients, of course, but you can find some variation in lean fats as well, like fish.
  • Calories
    Calories are not all evil. In fact, calories are energy. Your body wants calories to operate. So a healthy diet does have calories. Without calories you’ll have less energy, you’ll crave bad foods (which is one of the reasons people cheat on their diets) and your metabolism may slow down to compensate. You do need some calories, even though you don’t need as many as you used to eat.
  • Know Your Ingredients
    Finally, a healthy diet is one where you know what’s going into your food. That’s why so many dieticians and doctors recommend that you make your food yourself. Even if you’re eating something that sounds unhealthy, like macaroni and cheese, the food you cook is more likely to be healthy for you than the food you buy at restaurants, because at restaurants you do not know what they throw in, and in many cases it may be much more calories, much more sugar, much more fat, and much less nutrition than you assumed.

Developing Your Healthy Diet Plan

Healthy diets can still have a bit of complexity to them in terms of what to eat, how much, and how to continue enjoying your food. That’s why many people choose to enroll in a medical weight loss diet with Institute for weight loss and body contouring. We provide you with a complete meal plan that is developed according to your specific health and weight loss needs, with just the right amount of calories to lose weight in a way that is sustainable and can help you keep the weight off. We also provide several other medical weight loss solutions in Southern California, all of which are designed to help you shed pounds upon pounds and reach the body and health you want.

If you’re interested in learning more about our healthy diet programs, call us today at 714-912-2863.