One of our main services is the development and monitoring of your own personal medical weight loss diet – a healthy and sustainable diet that is tailored to your specific needs and health. These diets are created in a way that meets yours specific caloric needs in order to achieve maximum weight loss, without severe caloric starvation or vitamin deficiency.

Steps to Start a Medical Weight Loss Diet

Dieting with a medical professional starts with making sure you’re a good candidate. Good candidates are struggling with obesity or near-obesity, and are committed to losing a lot of weight where other diets have failed.

While dieting is a tool for losing vanity pounds, dieting with a medical professional are specifically designed for those that need to lose substantial weight in order to be healthier, and improve their self-confidence.

Step 1: Intake – At Institute for weight loss and body contouring, your doctor will take a look at all of the specific factors that you need to lose weight both safely and efficiently. We’ll take a look at the factors that are contributing to your weight, and start creating strategies to help you with your diet program.

Step 2: Recommendations - While everyone wants to lose weight fast, we’ll take a look at how to create gradual, healthy weight loss that will stick, and understand the factors that go into maintaining a healthy weight. Remember, it’s not just important to lose weight – you need to be able to keep it off too, and that means smart decision making, maintaining your metabolism, and eating the right foods for your body.

Step 3: Action Plan – We’ll also create your weight loss action plan, complete with regular check-ins and monitoring, what to do if you have questions, and much more. When you start one of our medical weight loss diet plans, we’ll make sure that you’re focused on shedding pounds in a healthy, sustainable way that you’ll be able to continue for years to come.

These diets are one of our many services at Institute for weight loss and body contouring. If you’re interested in getting started, or about learning more about all of our medical weight loss strategies for Southern California, call us today at 714-912-2863.