Diet and exercise are the truest and simplest methods of losing weight. Though there are other factors at play, a healthy diet that’s lower in calories combined with ample exercise is going to help you burn fat and achieve the body you want.

When you enroll in medical weight loss, you have the option of gaining direction on what exercises work best with your health. But if you’re simply looking for a few, simple exercise solutions to help burn fat, consider the following strategies.

Easy Exercises for Fat Burning

  • Walking
    Do not forget the value of walking. Walking at just a moderate pace burns anywhere from 150 to 350 calories per hour, depending on your weight, and has less of a recovery time. Studies have shown that 10,000 steps per day may be one of the keys to healthy living, and can burn anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand calories, all without much warmup.
  • Interval Jogging
    Many people struggle with long distance jogging. But despite the value of walking, you do want to get your heart rate up if it’s safe to do so. That’s why another solution is interval jogging, which involves running for 30 seconds to a minute, walking for 30 seconds to a minute, and running again.

    Interval training is easier than jogging, and may burn almost the same amount of calories because the body tends to continue to burn calories while the heart rate is up after the jog portion of the interval. Some studies have also found that interval training may actually make it easier to improve your heart strength for running.

  • Biking
    Biking burns a tremendous amount of calories and for many is much easier to do than running. Find a bike that is comfortable for you and ride around your city. Biking can put much less pressure on your joints, which then makes it much easier to burn calories for a longer period of time.

Get Out and Get Moving

Sports are also a fun and simple exercise for weight loss. So play basketball, tennis, or even race your dog. Moving, occasionally with a higher intensity, is the most important key for burning calories, and as long as you stay moving you’ll find yourself shedding pounds and helping you get the body you want.