Obesity affects both your physical and mental health. It is a significant problem, one that can result in many serious long term consequences. But weight loss is often not as simple as cutting a few calories and walking more. Sometimes you need help, and these days one of the best solutions for that help comes directly from a physician, in the form of physician supervised medical weight loss for obesity.

Steps Involved in Medical Obesity Weight Loss

Medical weight loss for obesity starts with intake. At Institute for weight loss and body contouring, some of our services are covered by insurance due to the dangers of obesity. We run a series of tests to understand whether or not you are suffering from any disease or issues as a result of (or causing) your weight. Often times there are issues that may affect your plan, such as diabetes or heart disease.

You and your medical specialist will then start making the necessary changes for dropping weight quickly, including recommendations like:

  • Lifestyle Changes – First and foremost, we’ll take a look at dietary changes, behavioral modifications, exercise and physical activity, and more. Often there are habits that need to be explored and changed in order to drop your weight.
  • Obesity Medications – If necessary and safe given your health status, we’ll also take a look at obesity reducing medications, including products like Orlistat, Phentermine, and several others. You’ll also be monitored by your doctor to ensure that the medications are working without serious side effects.
  • Monitoring – Fighting obesity can be a constant challenge on your body. That’s why we monitor your body throughout the process and ensure that your health and wellness are improving. We check vitals, we look at blood sugar levels, and we also help you track the entirety of your health improvements.

There are also other options at your disposal that you and your doctor may explore, including surgical options. Yet you can also focus strictly on a medical weight loss strategy that will help you control your obesity and start to lose weight in a healthy and medically verified way.

Our Medical Weight Loss Services for Obesity

Our Newport Beach offices have helped hundreds of people control their obesity issues, improve their health, and start controlling their self esteem and self-worth. Take control of your body again today. If you’re in Southern California (from Los Angeles to San Diego) and want to learn more about our physician controlled obesity weight loss, contact us today at 714-912-2863.