Everyone knows that dieting is one of the most important activities you can do for both your health and your weight. Your body can only operate with what you give it, and the right amount of healthy food is exactly what your body needs in order to work properly.

But “right amount” and “healthy food” are considered controversial topics, and have led to the development of diet related myths. The following are several myths and facts about dieting and weight loss.

Myth: Healthy Dieting Means Eating Salad

Fact: There are a potentially unlimited number of meals that don’t involve salad at all. Salad is healthy, certainly, but you can also have lentils, homemade boiled spinach dishes with cheese and garlic, pasta with some sautéed zucchini on top, lightly fried fish, and much more. You can eat extremely healthy without ever eating a salad, allowing you to lose weight and still eat great.

Myth: Dieting Means Cutting Carbs, Fat, etc.

Fact: Lots of high calorie and unhealthy foods have fats and carbohydrates. But the problem is not having fat or carbs, but having far too much of it without any additional nutrition. All foods have benefits. Studies have shown that getting some fat, protein, carbohydrates, and more in your diet are all very important for maintaining more rounded health. It’s not about cutting out something specific from your diet. It’s about making sure you’re getting the nutrition and vitamins that you need, and not overdoing it on the calories or having too much of any one thing (fat, carbohydrates, etc.).

Myth: I Need to Make Big Changes

Fact: Calories are calories. While it is highly recommended you eat fruits and vegetables, you’ll often find that the little things make the biggest difference. For example, a blended mocha at a coffee shop can be anywhere from 400 to 800 calories. Switch to black coffee and you have cut 400 calories from your diet. Switching from 6 slices of pizza to 5 saves you 300 calories each time. There are many little changes that can help you move towards a healthier diet.

Myth: Fad Diets That Cause Weight Loss Are Working

Fact: Fad Diets are everywhere. Fad diets are any dietary advice that tells you to only eat something specific or never eat something specific. For example, there are diets out there right now that tell you to put olive oil on everything, or diets for “detoxing” which involve drinking nothing more than lemonade for a week.
These diets often seem like they work, but they usually work through caloric starvation. Dieters think they’re eating enough calories, but are actually eating very, very low calorie diets that are causing massive weight loss.

For many, this seems like a good thing – after all, they want to lose weight. But massive weight loss through starvation can have consequences. Not only is it extremely unhealthy (much of the weight loss is in muscle, not fat), but it also may slow your metabolism as your body tries to compensate for your starvation. It is both unsustainable and can actually make you gain weight faster when you eat better meals, putting all the weight right back on.

Fad diets are usually starvation masquerading as healthy dieting. They can promote some massive weight loss, but it’s temporary, unhealthy, and unsustainable, and by the time you quit the diet you are very likely to gain most of that weight right back.

Some More Facts About Healthy Dieting

There are a lot of myths about dieting, but what about the facts? Here are some facts about dieting that can help you create and maintain your own healthy diet:

Fact: Calories in, Calories out Determines Weight Loss

The calories in, calories out model is still the leading way to measure a weight loss diet. You should be burning more calories than you take in, while taking in enough calories to be healthy.

Fact: Variation is Healthy

Eating the same thing every day – even something healthy, like kale – is actually considered to be less healthy than eating different meals and mixing it up. So experimenting with different foods and having fun is actually to your benefit.

Fact: Cheating Can Undo Everything

Maintaining a lower calorie diet every day, only to cheat and eat an enormous meal one day, can undo everything you did from the week before and cause you to fall back to old patterns. That’s why sustainable weight loss dieting is so important – so that you’re eating in a way you enjoy, and you can keep eating for years to come.

Consider a Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan

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