Calories in, calories out. That is the basic math behind weight loss. There are other factors like genetics, sleep, stress, and more, but the very basics of weight control are the calories that you put into your body, and the calories you expend doing physical activities.

Yet despite its simplicity, there is no denying that weight loss can be very difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to see how many calories you’re taking in. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how many calories you’re expending. Sometimes the very nature of your work, lifestyle, or health can make it very difficult to lose weight on your own. When you struggle to lose weight or want to do so in a safe, comfortable, medically verified setting, come to our office and enroll in our medical weight loss program.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is weight loss in the hands of medical experts. Our team provides you with medically sound, monitored weight control techniques, walking you through the entire process and helping you with weight loss. Led by Dr. Siamak Agha, we work with men and women struggling with severe weight problems. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you shed pounds quickly, including:

  • Medical Weight Loss Diet – We’ll help put you on a diet that matches the exact calories you need in order to start losing weight. We’ll help you learn more about calories throughout the process, provide diet counseling to help you learn more about the calories you put into your body, and monitor your diet throughout the process to keep you accountable for what you’re eating.
  • Exercise for Weight Loss – We’ll also help you learn more about exercises for weight loss, and give you techniques that work with your body type, age, health, etc. Because our weight loss is medically monitored, our team will find you the best calorie burning exercises to match your health and time, as well as give you strategies to continue to burn fat all throughout the day.
  • Weight Loss Medications – If diet and exercise alone aren’t enough or you’re struggling with severe obesity, we are also happy to talk to you about safe weight loss medications. Weight loss medications should only be prescribed by experts, and our doctors will make sure you’re using the right medications in the correct doses, while monitoring you throughout the process.
  • Constant Health Monitoring – We will also regularly have follow up visits to help monitor both your weight loss and your health throughout the process, so that you can continue to lose weight safely and be monitored the entire way.

Based in Newport Beach, our medical weight loss services are popular with men and women all over California, including Los Angeles, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, San Diego, and more. We are one of the only centers for weight loss that provides you with affordable, medically sound solutions for massive weight loss.

If you’re struggling with your weight or obesity and want to work with a medical professional to help you control your weight, contact us today at 714-912-2863. We’re happy to talk to you about your weight control goals, and discuss the entire weight management process.