Those struggling with their weight have many reasons for seeking out medical weight loss, and all of them are valid. Some do it because they want to avoid health issues. Others do it so that they can be more active. Still others do it because obesity and weight issues can hurt your self confidence and self-esteem, and everyone deserves to love themselves and their body as much as they can.

That’s why some people seek out medical weight loss for body shaping – with the goal of creating a body that they can be more proud of.

What’s Involved in Body Shaping Medical Weight Loss

When your goal is to have a better body and a shape that you love, then working with a trained weight loss doctor in California can be a great place to start. At Institute for weight loss and body contouring, we provide a variety of tools and strategies to help you obtain a body that builds your confidence. Some of these strategies include:

  • Planned Healthy Diet – A healthy looking body isn’t just a thinner body – it’s also one that’s fit, with good muscles and excellent skin and health. That means that you need a healthy diet, which our doctors at Institute for weight loss and body contouring will help plan for you.
  • Exercise Plan – We’ll also work with you to develop an exercise plan that will not only help you lose weight, but also help you develop muscles. This is one of the key differences between medical weight loss for body shaping and other forms of medical weight loss. You’ll want to make sure that your muscles are in good health and nourished.
  • Stress and Lifestyle Changes – We’ll also work on improving your lifestyle so that it’s more tailored to fat burning. We’ll integrate strategies to help you continue to burn calories, like movement exercises for when you’re sitting, converting to a standing desk, avoiding stress and anxiety, and more.
  • Medications – There are also a lot of effective fat loss medications on the market today that can be very valuable to those that are trying to lose weight and create their ideal body. Some of these medications include Orlistat, Belviq, and Contrave. Fat burning medications are not to be taken lightly, but under medical supervision they can also assist you in building the body you want.

Once you have lost the weight, you also have the option of finishing off the look with cosmetic surgery, especially body lifts and other body contouring procedures. These are completely optional additions to your medical weight loss plan for body shaping, but are still popular for those that are looking to achieve a great body.

If you’re interested in learning more about our medical weight loss for body shaping, call us today at 714-912-2863.