Eating healthier can improve your lifespan, improve the way you feel, and – of course – help you lose weight. So check out the tips above, and don’t forget to contact us if you want to learn more about medical weight loss in areas like LA, Orange County, San Diego, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and more.

Exercise improves your heart and muscle health. It fights aging. It gives you more energy. And, of course, it helps you lose weight.

But there is no denying that exercise can be a challenge, both because breaking into exercise when you haven’t exercised in a long time can be a significant challenge, and because we lead busy lives and don’t always feel like there is time to fit in exercise. For those that need to exercise more but can’t seem to find a way, consider the following tips:

How to Exercise More Easily

  • Start with Walking – Walking is much healthier than many people believe, and burns a lot more calories than you’d think. Try to fit in a lot more walking time, and you’ll be burning calories and getting your body moving.
  • Run in Spurts – Park further away from your home and jog to your front door, or race your kids to your car. Right before you planned to shower, go out for a short jog to get your blood flowing. This doesn’t have to be substantial, but it will get your body used to that type of movement for when you’re ready to exercise more.
  • Play Sports – Sports are always fun, especially with friends, and sports involve exercise. Play some basketball, tennis, etc. with those in your life and you’ll be exercising and having fun. You can also consider dancing, which can be very effective.
  • Climb Stairs at Work – If you have stairs at your workplace, climb them instead of using the elevator. Stair walking is excellent exercise, and if you walk the stairs every day you’ll find you’re burning calories and working some muscles.
  • Schedule Time – Most people don’t schedule time for exercise, and just try to “fit it in” when they can. Schedule time for it and treat it as important as you treat everything else, and you’ll find that you have a lot more time than you think to exercise. See if you can combine it with other things you do as well – for example, if you watch the news every night, go to a gym with TVs and watch the news there.

Exercise is too important to skip. It also gets easier the more you do it. So even if you “hate exercise” now, if you commit to it you’ll enjoy it within a month or two.

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