Aerobic exercises are the ideal type of exercise for burning calories and losing weight. Aerobic exercises are those that tire your whole body and make your heart beat faster, requiring more oxygen and energy. These exercises burn hundreds of extra calories an hour, helping you lose far more fat in much less time than with diet alone. It also has the added benefit of improving heart strength and mental health.

So aerobic exercises are some of the best exercises for weight loss. But not everyone loves every exercise. So what are some of the options available for those that want to do aerobic exercises to lose weight?

Options for Aerobic Weight Loss

  • Walking
    Walking alone can help you burn fat. In fact, in many ways walking can help you burn more calories than running. While walking only burns about 300 calories an hour (compared to almost 1000 with running in a 250 pound individual), walking also is less tiring and requires less recovery time.

    When people run for 10 minutes, they burn 166 calories. If they get tired and go home and lay down, or shower and rest the rest of the day, those 100 calories are all they burn. Many people find it much easier to walk for an hour (thus burning 300 calories), and they still have energy to go about the rest of their day.

    More difficult aerobic exercises are crucial for healthy weight loss and heart health, but the most important thing is that you keep moving. If you have time to walk, make sure you’re going for walks.

  • Running
    Running is one of the best exercises for weight loss. It works your heart, it’s natural for the body, and it can even make you more limber. Running burns as many as 1000 calories an hour depending on your weight and speed (though it is more likely to be closer to 500/600) and improves your heart health dramatically. It also requires no equipment, and once you get into the groove it becomes much easier.

    Running is not for everyone, but keep in mind that running gets a lot easier and more enjoyable after you have done it for a while. So don’t give up on running right away. It may be exactly what you need to lose weight.

  • Biking
    For those that are having a hard time with running, biking is also a fantastic calorie burner. In fact, even at a slow pace, biking can burn as much as 454 calories per hour. The faster you go, the more that number increases dramatically. Biking is one of the most efficient aerobic exercises to burn calories out there today, and great for those that want to put a bit less pressure on their bones.
  • Swimming
    Like biking, swimming is a type of aerobic workout that burns calories quickly without putting as much pressure on muscles and bones. It burns roughly the same amount of calories as biking, even at a moderate pace, and the faster you swim the more calories you can burn.
  • Stair Climbing
    If running isn’t your thing, but swimming and biking are not an option, try stair climbing or hiking. Stair climbing at nothing more than a walking pace can be almost 500 calories per hour, and because you can walk at a slower speed, those that are struggling with fast movements or those that aren’t fond of running in nearby trails may find climbing up and down stairs to be a more enjoyable option.

Choosing Your Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss

These are only a few of the aerobic exercises available. As you lose weight, you can try jump roping, sports (like basketball), skiing, dancing, and more, and in fact it’s often recommended that you mix it up so that your body doesn’t become accustomed to any one aerobic exercise for weight loss. There is ample potential out there to enjoy a variety of activities and burn calories in the process. The only thing you have to do is commit.

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