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Tummy Tuck Revision, Liposuction Revision, Brazilian Butt Lift Revision, Outer Thigh Lift, Correction of Banana Roll Deformity in Newport Beach, Orange County

Newport Beach Body Contouring Revision

This overseas 37-year-old female presented to Orange County Plastic Surgery for corrective plastic surgery. The patient previously had several plastic surgery procedures including a Brazilian Butt lift, extended tummy tuck, liposuction of her lower back and thighs which resulted in areas of significant contour irregularities. The patient was unhappy with her lower back depression, upper buttock fullness, buttock laxity, outer thigh looseness, as well as prominent banana rolls. The patient underwent complex revision plastic surgery that involved tummy tuck scar revision, outer thigh lift, fat transfer to lower back, upper buttock liposuction, fat transfer to lower buttocks to create balance, as well as banana roll correction. The latter was corrected via a posterior thigh lift. Post-operative photos are shown three weeks after the revision plastic surgery; before patient’s travel home.