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Tummy Tuck Revision in Newport Beach

Body Sculpting 360

This out-of-state 51 year old female was referred by her Plastic Surgeon to Orange County Plastic Surgery for Body Sculpting Surgery. The patient had already underwent an abdominoplasty and breast reduction by her Plastic Surgeon a year earlier. On examination, the patient had a high tummy tuck scar with lack of definition. Her waist was full and her body contour lacked curvature. Her upper back was lose with multiple back rolls. Her buttocks had always been small and flat. Patient was also unhappy with lack of cleavage between her breasts. She underwent a full 360 degree body sculpting that included liposuction, buttock lipoaugmentation (Brazilian Butt. Lift), Bra-line Upper Body Lift, Revision Abdominoplasty, and Revision Breast Lift. Post-operative pictures at 9 months illustrate the concept of 360 degree sculpting to create an hour-glass figure.