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Total Body Lift pictures in orange county and los angeles

High-Definition Total Body Lift Patient 8 in Newport Beach

This is a 38-year-old female from Maryland presented to Dr. Siamak Agha in Orange County, CA for plastic surgery after extreme weight loss. Due to the severeity in skin laxity, this patient underwent a Total Body Lift after losing 220 pounds through gastric bypass surgery. The patient also had an abdominal incision for removal of her gall bladder. Her pre-operative weight was 220 pounds. The patient had a two-stage total body lift procedure.

Due to this patients severe arm tissue and upper chest laxity, an L-brachioplasty of the arms was completed. She also underwent both crescent upper body lift and bra-line upper body lift to correct for severe upper body laxity. This patient underwent a dermal-bra suspension to not only treat the breasts but also upper body laxity.  circumferential abdominoplasty with a midline Fleur-de-lis incision. A combination of a buttock lift, buttock augmentation with her own lower back tissue and reshaping was best to treat the severity of the lower body laxity. This procedure involved creating pockets under the buttock regions to accommodate for the lower back tissue that is turned under (as flaps) to augment the buttocks with your own tissue.

She also had a lower body lift, with a Spiral thigh lift to improve the thigh contour circumferentially.

post-operative pictures are taken at 5 months after her total body lift procedure.