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Lower Body Lift Redo in a Patient from Washington DC

Before and after pictures of lower body lift redo, vertical thighplasty, breast fat transfer, breast lift, spiral thigh lift, liposuction, buttock augmentation

This 37 years old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Orange County for a body lift redo. The patient flew in from Washington DC for a total body lift. The patient had undergone a laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery and had lost over 100 pounds. She subsequently underwent a lower body lift in Washington DC five months before presenting to Dr. Agha for a lower body lift redo.

Requested Procedures: The patient was unhappy with her breasts, lower body, buttocks, and thighs. Patient had already undergone a lower body lift 5 months earlier and was extremely unhappy with her results. These included the remaining laxity of her thighs, her lower body lift uneven scars, the shape of her scars as well as the placement of her lower body lift scars, and lack of buttock enhancement. She wished to undergo a complete lower body lift redo, spiral thigh lift, breast lift and breast fat transfer. She also wished to have her buttocks enhanced since this was not done with her first lower body lift. Patient requested liposuction of her thighs to make them lighter.

On Physical Examination: On examination by Dr. Agha, the patient was found to have breast deflation and sagging, breast asymmetry with the right breast being slightly larger than the left, outward orientation of the right breast, significant fullness of her thighs, significant thigh skin and tissue laxity in both a vertical and horizontal direction, minor abdominal tissue laxity and excess, buttock deflation, mons (pubic) sagging, very uneven body lift scars.

Surgery: Two-stage body lift redo, thighplasty, with breast enhancement.

Patient’s first stage surgery included:

  • Lower body lift redo
  • Monsplasty to lift her pubic area
  • Buttock lift redo to remove the excess lower back tissue while lifting the buttocks and evening out the incisions
  • Outer thigh lift to elevate the outer thigh and reduce the waist
  • Buttock augmentation with lower back fat
  • Vertical thighplasty
  • Liposuction of lower back and waist, thighs circumferentially
  • Buttock fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift)
  • Vertical Breast lift

This surgery took about 7 hours. The patient recovered well from the surgery and returned about 1 year later for her second stage. Patient’s second stage included:

  • Spiral thigh lift (Dr. Agha's pioneered thigh lift procedure)
  • J-upper body lift to reduce Outer chest
  • Scar revisions and lower body tightening
  • Liposuction of arms, saddlebags, knees, upper back, calves
  • Buttock and breast fat transfer

Patient’s second stage took about 6.5 hours.

Photos: Her body lift post-operative pictures were taken at 4 weeks before her departure home.

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