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Body Lift Photos in Orange County and Los Angeles

Los Angeles Total Body Lift Patient 17

This is a 41 year old female who presented to Orange County Plastic Surgery for a total body lift. The patient was unhappy with her overall skin laxity, after extreme weight loss through bariatric surgery. She wished to have correction of her arms, breasts, lower body, and thighs. Dr Agha and the patient decided on a 2 stage approach, wherein she would undergo the lower body lift as the first stage of surgery and the upper body lift as the second.

During the first stage, the patient underwent a circumferential tummy tuck with monsplasty to lift the pubic region. In conjuction, Dr. Agha was able to lift the buttocks and perform buttock augmentation with her own tissue. She also underwent an outer thigh lift, and a Spiral thigh lift which improved the skin laxity of the front, back, and inner regions of the thighs. The patient also had an L-brachioplasty to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits in the upper arm.

During a second stage, the patient had a dermal-bra-suspension breast lift, in which case, an internal breast reshaping procedure is performed. This is followed by external excision of the redundant breast skin.

Post-operative pictures are taken at 3 months after her total body lift procedure.