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Body Lift Before and After Photos in Newport Beach, Orange County

Los Angeles Total Body Lift Patient 14

This 52-year-old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha of Orange County for body contouring and breast reshaping after significant weight loss through laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. The patient underwent a single stage procedure.

This included a lower body lift with circumferential abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to improve lower body laxity. The circumferential tummy tuck incisions extend across the patients lower back where the excess waist tissue, abdominal tissue, and lower back tissue are removed. Next the buttocks are elevated with a buttock lift, and buttock augmentation using the patients own lower back tissue.

This patient desired a breast lift with fat transfer to her breasts thus, post liposcution, Dr. Agha utilized fat grafting using her own fat cells harvested at the time of surgery. She also had a vertical breast lift to remove excess skin from the lower portion of the breast, and then reshapes the remaining breast tissues at the same time relocating the nipple and areola to a higher position. Areolas that have become stretched over time, can be reduced during the breast lift.

Post operative pictures were taken 5 months after her body lift surgery.