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Orange County Body Lift Before and After Photos

High-Definition Total Body Lift Patient 11 in Newport Beach

This is a 32 year old female from Texas who presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Total Body Lift after losing 120 pounds of weight through diet and exercise.  The patient presented to Dr.  Agha for a High-Definition Total Body Lift.  During a two stage approach, the patient underwent an L-brachioplasty of the arms and J-upper body lift to correct upper body laxity of the chest and back. She also had a Dermal-bra suspension breast reduction and lift using her own excess upper body tissue.

To address the lower body laxity, this patient had a circumferential abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) combined with a lower body lift. Next the buttock tissues were elevated and secured at an appropriately marked position on the lower back to give a buttock lift. Because a buttock lift on its own can result in flattening of the buttock region, Dr. Agha combined this technique with a buttock augmentation using the patients own lower back tissue.

Finally, this patient underwent a Spiral thigh lift to improve thigh laxity in the front, back , inner, and outer thighs. By elevating the thigh to a higher position that is secured to the underlying tissue, a tighter and smoother thigh contour with enhanced skin flow was created.

Post-operative pictures were taken at 3 weeks after the second stage of her total body lift before her return home.