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Lower Body Lift in Orange County and Los Angeles

Before and After pictures of a Lower Body Lift, Buttock Enhancement and Spiral Thigh Lift Surgery

This 50 year-old female was referred to Dr. Agha by her bariatric surgeon for plastic surgery after weight loss. The patient had lost 62 pounds as a result of gastric sleeve surgery two years earlier.

Requested Procedures: The patient was unhappy with the significant laxity of her skin and loose tissue. Specifically, she was most concerned with her lower half and wished to undergo lower body contouring. The patient wished to have a tummy tuck, correction of her pubic laxity, thigh laxity and buttock deflation and sagging.

On Physical Examination: On examination by Dr. Agha, the patient had moderate overall laxity of her abdominal tissue. Patient has moderate degree of pubic sagging, as well as significant vertical laxity of her thighs. Examination of her buttocks was remarkable for significant buttock deflation and sagging.

Lower Body Lift Surgery:

Dr. Agha planned a lower body lift, Spiral thigh lift and buttock enhancement surgery. During the surgery, the patient underwent:

  • Lower body lift with abdominoplastyand front thigh lift
  • Buttock lift
  • Buttock augmentation with lower back flap as well as liposuctioned fat grafts
  • Monsplasty to correct pubic sagging
  • Liposuction
  • Spiral thigh lift. Dr. Agha’s pioneered procedure that correct back of thigh laxity as well as inner thigh tissue laxity.
  • Outer thigh lift to correct outer thigh laxity.

The procedure took about 7 hours of surgery.

Patient’s post-operative photos were taken at about 6 months after her lower body lift, spiral thigh lift, and buttock enhancement surgeries.

Frequently asked questions about body lift surgery

What is the Best Preparation for a Successful Body Lift?

There are many different steps in preparing for a body lift procedure. First is consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in body contouring procedures. Second is to make sure you understand your surgeon’s procedural plan. Third would be to understand all the risks and complications of your procedure. Fourth would be to have a history and physical and labs drawn by your primary care physician in order to ensure your body can endure your planned procedure(s). Next is to get on a nutritional supplement plan provided by your surgeon. Last but not least would be to make sure you have proper caretaking prepared for when you get out of surgery. There are so many other suggestions, but it all depends on what procedures will be part of your body lift.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for a Body Lift?

Most body lift patients are advised to stay in an overnight facility, whether that be at the actual operating facility or a separate facility that I typically advise for my patients to go to. Body lift procedures are done under general anesthesia by an MD anesthesiologist. Some facilities have a nurse administering the anesthesia, but at my practice I only have my patients have their anesthesia administered by a MD.

Body Contouring or Body Lift?

Body contouring essentially is a component of a body lift when we perform it. I often combine liposuction in the plan of a body lift to enhance the patient’s contour and curves.