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Capsular Contracture and Capsulectomy in Orange County and Los Angeles

Newport Beach Capsulectomy and Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 2

This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha with severe capsular contracture and breast pain. The patient had silicone breast augmentation in 1990s. She had capsular contracture for several years but had recently developed breast pain as well. On examination, she was found to have rock hard implants, breast shape asymmetry, implant deformity, and breast pain. Dr. Agha performed a full capsulectomy on her that included removal of her silicone implants, complete excision of the contracted capsule, correction of her remaining pocket, and replacement with new silicone implants. These operations were all performed through her existing areolar incision. At the time of her surgery, the capsule were found to be calcified and the silicone implants were ruptured. Post-operative pictures are shown 6 months after the revision.

Additional remarks: In addition to the above procedures, this patient would have benefited from correction of her nipple areola position on both breasts. Although, this was offered to her by Dr. Agha, the patient did not wish to have this procedure done.