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Breast Augmentation Revision in Newport Beach Orange County

Newport Beach Breast Revision Capsular Contracture

This 62 year-old patient came to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center with breast pain and severe capsular contracture. The patient had silicone breast augmentation in 1990s. She had capsular contracture for several years but had recently developed breast pain as well. The patient wished to have her contracted implant capsule removed and her implants replaced. Upon examination, she was found to have hard implants and breast deformity, especially on the right side. This combined with breast pain classifies the patient's capsular contracture as the most severe at a grade 4. Dr. Agha performed a full capsulectomy on her breasts removing both of her 290 cc implants and completely excised the contracted capsule to alleviate her breast pain. Next, the subglandular pocket was closed off and a new pocket was created under the pectoralis muscle with New Natrelle silicone 421cc implants were then placed within the new pockets. Post-operative photos were taken 6 months after her implant replacement and capsulectomy.